Great Orme, Llandudno And Conwy 24th June 2012.

The idea was to go from the summit by the Great Orme Tram down to Llandudno and then come back by cable car but when I arrived in Llandudno I found that due to high winds the cable car system was not operating so I had to come back by tram.

Great Orme summit complex.
Great Orme Summit Complex. Nice cafe in there.


Tram view
View from the front of the tram looking down to Llandudno.


Tram view
Another view looking towards Llandudno.


View of Quarry
Looks like there's been some quarrying here in the past.


Tram view
Another view from the tram.


Tram view
A cable tram with halfway station in the background.


Mine view
Another view. Halfway station is the round roofed building on the far left of the picture.


You have to get off the tram and walk to the other end of the station and board this tram which takes you down to Llandudno.


Halfway station sign
Halfway station also houses the cable winding machinery for the trams.


View from tram
Descending the steep incline on the outskirts of Llandudno.


View from tram
The steep incline with Llandudno down below.


View inside tram
View taken from inside the tram.


Llandudno tram station
Looking back to Llandudno tram station.


Llandudno seafront
The seafront.


Grand hotel Llandudno
The Grand Hotel on the left of the seafront.


Great Orme from seafront
The view from part of the seafront looking towards Great Orme.


Llandudno Pier
Llandudno Pier taken as I made my way up to the cable car station.


View of Great Orme
Great Orme.


View of Great Orme
Great Orme with the Marine Drive toll road on the centre right of the picture.


Great Orme Pier
Another view of the pier.


Cable Car station
Great Orme lower cable car station which sadly was not operating because it was just too windy.


View of Llandudno
The view of Llandudno from near the lower cable car station.


View of Llandudno
This view is from the Great Orme tram taking me back up to the summit complex.


Great Orme Summit Complex
Great Orme summit complex from the tram station.


Tram rails and cables.


Tram cables
A close up showing the cable guides.


Tram cables
Another view showing the cable guides and rollers.


Great Orme Tramway Station
Great Orme Tram Station with a tram waiting inside.


Tramway View
Another view showing the cable guide rollers.


Conwy Castle
Having left Great Orme, I drove to Conwy. This is two of Conwy Castle's towers taken from the car park.


View of part of Conwy taken from the entrance ramp of Conwy Castle.


Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle entrance.


Another view from the entrance ramp.


Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle entrance.


Wooden Figure Conwy Castle
An arborial stare from this fellow just inside the castle.


View of Conwy Castle
A view from the upper walkway inside the castle.


View of Conwy Castle
View looking North.


Pidgeon at Conwy Castle
A bird of the feathered variety.


Conwy Castle
Conwy Castle.


Railway at Conwy Castle
The railway emerging from the bridge over the River Conwy.


View of River Conwy
The River Conwy.


Conwy Castle
Another view of part of the castle from the upper walkway.


Conwy Castle
And another view. Note the part submerged boat in the bottom right of the picture.


Three Bridges at Conwy Castle
Left is the Conwy road bridge carrying the A547( it used to carry the A55 until the Conwy Road tunnel was opened in 1991). In the middle is Thomas Telford's suspension bridge opened in 1826. The railway bridges on the right were built by Robert Stephenson and opened in 1849. Since fire destroyed the Britannia Bridge over the Menai Straites in 1970, this is the only surviving example of this type of Stephensons bridge construction left.


Three bridges Conwy Castle
Another view.


Bridges Conwy Castle
A closer view.


River Conwy
Another view of the Afon Conwy from the castle.


A view of Conwy showing part of the old town walls.


Conwy Castle
Looking towards the castle entrance.


View towards Great Orme from Conwy Castle
A view from Conwy Castle across the river to Great Orme.


View of Conwy Town Walls
Another view of Conwy showing the town walls.


View of Conwy Town
And another.


Bridges at Conwy Castle
The new, the old and the not quite so old.


View of sailing ship on river Conwy
Pirates in the harbour?


View of outside of Conwy Castle
Leaving the castle.


Castle from Conwy Town
Castle from Conwy.


Castle from Conwy Town
Conwy Castle.

Camera: Konica Minolta Dynax 5D.

All pictures copyright 2003-2020.


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