Why willysnapit you are probably wondering. Well when I started thinking of setting up a website, the idea was to show photographs I had taken on holidays, travels, walks etc. I thought a website would be a more useful way of showing images than printing them on an inkjet printer or just storing them away on a CD/DVD or hard drive.

To take a photo or not, that is always the decision to make, Is the light right or the composition correct etc, This was even more so before the advent of affordable photo quality digital cameras. I remember times in the past when I have reeled off a roll of film only to get it back from being developed, disappointed with the some of the results and wondering why I had wasted film on this photo or that photo.

So to take a photo or not or will I take a snapshot. This was what I was thinking of as a title for this website and I came up with the name that is a play on words. Willysnapit's Photo's.

Obviously with a digital camera, the decision to take a snapshot is easier and cheaper (after the initial cost of the camera and a computer.) so it can be reviewed and deleted if you are not happy with it and the space on the memory card reused for another snap plus there is a lot more snapshots available on a modern memory card than it was ever possible to put on a film (36) other than cine of course.

I am only an amateur photographer. My interest in photography started when I was about seven years of age and came from my father. He used to take monochrome pictures that he would develop and print himself using an enlarger he used to set up in the bathroom as this was his makeshift darkroom.

My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Cresta. This used 120 size film and only took 12 snaps per roll.

Kodak Brownie Cresta Camera

After many years using this camera I progressed to the beautifully engineered Zeiss Contax series 2A 35 mm range finder camera with a 50mm f2 Zeiss Sonnar lens plus a Weston Master 3 light meter.

Zeiss Contax series 2A cameraWeston Master3 Light Meter

These were originally my fathers until he bought a Practica LTL with a Zeiss Planar lens and a built in light meter. I soon saw the benefits of having an in built light meter. It was so much easier to press the button and adjust the aperture ring on the lens until the needle coincided with the mark in the SLR viewfinder.

Therefore I also bought a Practica LTL but with the slightly cheaper f 2.8 50mm Zeiss Tessar lens.

Practika LTL

After quite some years using the Practica I purchased my last film camera the versatile 35mm Minolta Dynax 500si. This was a joy to use as it had autofocus, something I had never had before on a camera as well as the choice of manual or fully automatic aperture or shutter settings. It also came with an 18 to 70mm zoom lens. Something else I had never had on any of my previous camera's.

Minolta Dynax 500si

Several years ago I took the plunge and bought my first digital camera, a Fujifilm Finepix 6800 zoom. This f/2.8 3x zoom lens had an equivalent to a 36 to 108mm zoom on a 35mm camera. Sadly this camera has a fault and does not work properly now.

My current cameras are a Konica Minolta Dynax 5D digital SLR and a Canon Digital IXUS 850. The Canon fits easily into a pocket.